Sunday Worship Services

Sunday Service

Every Friday (except during the summer vacation season), the bulletins for the following Sunday’s service(s) will be posted here.

Sunday Service Times
One service at 10:00 a.m.

Details can be found here.

Live Service Webcasts

Rideau Park provides live webcasting of services. When you click on the link below (during regular service times), a media player will appear in a new window, and you should be able to hear the service as it happens.

Note: Only services held in the Sanctuary can be broadcast.

View the service currently in progress.

While you are watching, you may wish to follow along with the bulletin. If you wish to contribute an offering, you can do so by visiting the Donations page.

Note: Service bulletins may not available online during the months of July and August.

Please contact the webmaster if you have difficulty with or comments about the live webcasts.

Archived Sunday Services

If you missed a live service webcast, you can still watch (or download) a recording of the entire service or sermon broadcast by visiting our audio/video section of the website. Note that, under normal circumstances, service recordings are kept for only four weeks; if you want to keep a recording of a particular service, you will need to download the recording to your computer as described in the next paragraph. Downloading the recording also allows you to skip over or repeat parts of the service (which you might not be able to do when listening to the broadcast online).
To hear a copy of the entire services or just the sermons, please visit our Audio section:

In order to download the Archived bulletins in PDF format, please visit the "Audio Services and Bulletins" link above and click on "Supplementary Download" link.
In order to download the Sermon text in PDF format, please visit the "Sermons and Text" link above and click on "Supplementary Download" link.