Financial Support

The ministry of Rideau Park is sustained and expanded through the ongoing support of its members and friends. This support may take different forms and be contributed in various ways; this page explains one key component—financial support.

How to Contribute Financially

You can donate to Rideau Park in a variety of ways, including:

  • on a regular basis, by Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)
  • at regular weekly services
  • via online donations
  • through the church office

For more information about any of these methods, contact our Administrator, Debi Brown.

How Funds are Allocated

Rideau Park’s finances are organized as a set of funds, including:

  • Ministry & Programs Fund
    • Ministry & Programs Fund is the church operating fund and is used for spiritual leadership and guidance from our ministers, to enrich us with inspiring and spiritual music, to care for our property and take care of our organizational needs.

      The fund supports the salaries; benefits, travel and learning for our Ministers and supports the work of the Worship, Pastoral Care, Communications and Congregational Development, Christian Development and Social Action and Outreach Committees.

      To support the worship the Music Committee receives funding for the Director of Music, Lead Singers and guest artists remuneration and benefits; plus funds for the Music Operations budget.

      Administration covers salaries and benefits for the Administrative Assistant and Church Administrator and the materials needed to complete their tasks – printing, postage, audit fees, telephone, office supplies, computer materials, bank charges, etc.

      Property Operations allocates funds for the Sexton’s salary and benefits and covers the basics, the daily costs, for maintaining the building and property – insurance, heat, light, water, snow removal, minor repairs, cleaning and maintenance supplies, etc.

  • Property Renewal Fund
    • Property Renewal Fund ensures our church facilities are responsive to the needs of the congregation.  The Long Range Plan anticipates major repairs, needed upgrades and preventive maintenance.

  • Mission & Service Fund
    • Mission & Service Fund funds the United Church of Canada operations budget for almost all of its work.  M&S work includes ministry support, theological colleges, Presbyteries and Conferences, core funding to 170 churches, chaplaincies, overseas personnel, global work, outreach work in Canada, justice and environmental advocacy, ecumenical partnership and partnership overseas, the work of the General Council Office, support for archives, and The Observer, etc.

  • The Rideau Park Foundation

When you give a financial gift to Rideau Park, you may designate all or part of it to any of these funds. Or you may specify a particular organization within the church, such as the United Church Women.

You may also designate funds to the support of the wider church through the United Church of Canada’s Mission and Service Fund.

Stewardship Campaign

In the fall each year, Rideau Park conducts a Stewardship Campaign where the congregational members are asked to pledge their financial resources and volunteer their time and talents for the ministry and mission of Rideau Park. Please click on the most recent Stewardship Campaign Package.

Please click here for the latest version of the stewardship campaign.