The ongoing work of the congregation is undertaken by a number of volunteer committees and groups, each of which needs sitting members, as well as volunteers:

  • Pastoral Care: visit the sick and shut-ins, be a mentor for newcomers.
  • Christian Development: provide childcare on Sunday mornings, teach Sunday School, be a youth leader.
  • Music and Worship: help shape the style of worship and the direction of our music during regular services and special events.
  • Stewards: count offerings on Sunday, be a weekday evening duty officer, help with minor repairs and renovations or gardening tasks.
  • Stewardship Campaign: help raise monies for our yearly operating budget.
  • Nominations Sub-committee: recruit and support volunteers for key congregational positions.
  • Social Action & Outreach: coordinate Christmas Cheer, Harmony Club and Group for Friends; deliver donations to a Food Bank
  • Communications Task Group: coordinates our the communication of Rideau Park Events to the larger community.
  • Congregational Development Group: helps chart the direction the congregation takes as it grows.

If you can offer some of your time, please contact the committee Chairs (as listed on the Committees page).


The sacrament of holy communion takes place throughout the church year. Volunteers are needed to help prepare bread, grape juice and serving trays on the Saturday before Communion. They are also needed to restock the trays between the services on Sunday mornings and wash and dry the communion glasses after services. This is a job which most people don’t even think about but is a ministry which is essential to our Christian worship. If you would like to help, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca

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Fellowship and Coffee Time

Volunteers welcome people into Beecroft Hall for fellowship and coffee after the Sunday morning service. There is also a need for people to volunteer to make coffee and/or juice to be served. Training will be provided. If you can help with either of these activities occasionally, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca.

Flower Delivery

Every Sunday, volunteers deliver the Sanctuary flowers to those in their homes in need of some spiritual refreshment. If you are able to help deliver these flowers, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca

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Sound System

At each Sunday service, a volunteer monitors and runs the sound system from the balcony. If you are interested in working for a service occasionally, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca. Training provided.

Sunday School
Rideau Park is blessed with a large and active Sunday School. Children join in the first 15 minutes of the 10:00am worship service and then, after the theme conversation, they head off to their classes. Our Sunday School requires lots of volunteers: caregivers for infants and toddlers, teachers for toddlers through to teens, Sunday morning duty officers who circulate through hallways and classrooms, musicians who provide occasional music, and helpers who assist with special projects like the church picnic and our annual Advent Happening. Our Sunday School provides an important ministry to our children and youth. If you would like to help out, please speak to Rev. Steve Clifton at ext. 225.     sschool.gif 126x175


Sunday Duty Officer

They are needed to help to direct traffic, answer phone calls and field questions each Sunday morning. People can volunteer to help at either service. The telephone system is set up so that the church service can be heard by pressing the Music button on the phone set. If you can help in this way, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca

Lay Readers

Are required to read scripture each Sunday. You can volunteer to read at the Sunday service. Training is provided. If you are interested in being a lay reader please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229.

Nearly New and Book Sale

Twice a year we have a Nearly New Sale, once in the fall, and once in the spring (accompanied by our Spring Book Sale). The Nearly New Sale is a chance for you to cull your family's clothes, accessories (shoes, jewlery, handbags, scarves), household linens, and pass anything, only gently used, on to the church. Children's and infant's clothes and toys are also very desireable, also gently used, please. The Nearly New and Book Sales are always looking for volunteers, so if you are interested, please contact the church office at 613-733-3156 x229 or look for the note in the Rideau Park News of the weekly church service bulletin.

Christmas Bazaar

The annual Christmas Treasures Bazaar is held on the first Saturday in November from 1-4 pm.  This is a UCW undertaking and many donations will be requested through the bulletin in October. For more information about donating items to the bazaar and volunteering at the bazaar, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca

Sanctuary Decoration

Volunteers are needed to help decorate the Sanctuary for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. If you are interested in helping, look for announcements in the Rideau Park News.

Our Sunday service ushers provide a warm welcome to all as well as providing important information about Rideau Park to all who attend Sunday worship. Each usher team is on duty one Sunday per month. If you would be interested in joining a team of ushers, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca
Duty Officers
Every Monday to Thursday evening from 6:30 pm until the church activities end, a person sits at the duty officer’s desk to answer questions and phone calls, and attend to the security of the building. If you’re unable to commit to the regular schedule, please consider offering your services for special one-time events on weekends. Please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca. Training provided.
Do you like to meet new people? Well, then, you may want to consider being a Sunday Morning Greeter. This is a fun and exciting program where individuals and families (including grandparents) greet people coming into the Sanctuary at both entrances prior to the service. Anyone can be a part of this program – everyone is welcome to participate! If you would like more information on this program, or if you would like to be a Greeter, please contact the office at 613-733-3156 x229.
Event Hosts

The Event Host is responsible for providing logistical assistance to the renter including opening the church facilities, supporting the set-up the day of the event, assisting the renter with locating supplies/equipment in the kitchen, etc. and cleaning and closing up the building at the end of the event.  Certain events will require the renter to have an Event Host present for a fee.  The specific support the renter will need for the event must be discussed and agreed upon with the Event Host and/or the Administrative staff in advance of the event.  Most of these events occur during the evening or on weekends.

Pastoral Care Visitation
hands.jpg 164x144The members of the Pastoral Care committee visit the sick and shut-in of our congregation. 

They provide a valuable link between the church and those, who by circumstances or age, are no longer able to participate in the activities of the congregation. The volunteers on this committee provide visits to those in hospital, nursing homes, and individual homes. If you are interested in being a Pastoral Care visitor, please contact the main office at 
613-733-3156 x229 or at info@rideaupark.ca.

Each Monday, the Sunday offering is counted, recorded and deposited with the aid of volunteers.

Volunteer counters are responsible for:

  • Completing the RPUC deposit sheet and the bank deposit slip;
  • Ensuring that the bank bag is properly prepared for deposit at the bank;
  • Taking  the deposit to the bank; and
  • Reminding the following week’s volunteeer that he/she is scheduled to count. 

 If you have any questions please contact the Administrator.