Rideau Park Welcomes You

We are each members of our own families, encompassing all of our relatives. When individuals choose to become members of the Rideau Park United Church family, we share our faith and enter into family within this faith community as well. Members are given the opportunity to make their voices heard in congregational meetings and to vote in matters of importance to the congregation. Members are encouraged to give of their time and talents in support of the family.

MEMBERSHIP: If you are not yet a member of Rideau Park United Church, consider taking this step to voice your faith and state your commitment to Christ alive in the Rideau Park community. Contact one of the ministers to discuss your decision. Membership classes are offered for both adults and teens wishing to join the congregation. Adult membership seminars will be offered by Rev. Elizabeth Bryce as needed. Membership in our “family” indicates a deep commitment to nurturing the Christian faith of our community. These groups explore the making of that commitment.

BAPTISMS: Baptism is the celebration of new life, a rite of initiation where those baptized are received into the Christian community. Baptism is an occasion for joy for the families involved and for the whole community. The sacrament of baptism is celebrated during Sunday morning services throughout the year. If you would like to arrange a baptism, please contact Rev. Steve Clifton (613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca).

CONFIRMATION CLASSES: Teens wishing to dialogue about faith issues and church membership are invited to attend confirmation classes. These groups have often been the source of long friendships among the youth, and we would ask you to encourage your child’s attendance. Classes will be held in the spring for ten weeks and Confirmation will be held in June, 2012. Contact Rev. Steve Clifton (613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca) for more information.

WEDDINGS: Couples being married at Rideau Park are encouraged to attend Marriage Preparation. We have a minister on staff that can provide Myers-Briggs Personality Type Counseling for a small fee, which is available as an alternative to the marriage course. This can be arranged through the church office.

WEDDING POLICY: Rideau Park United Church has an updated wedding policy. The abreviated version of the policy can be found here. For more information including the full policy, please contact the main office at 613-733-3156 ext. 229 or at info@rideaupark.ca.