Looking for Evening Duty Officers!
Over recent weeks, our evening activity groups have started to meet in person at the church. Many of these groups involve children. As we continue to open up the church, we need to build a list of people willing to serve as evening Duty Officers. Duty Officers are important to our church to help protect our facilities and more importantly, those who use them.

The job of Duty Officer is to support people using our spaces by activities such as answering questions, providing access to rooms, helping find equipment, and doing final closing activities such as checking windows, lights, doors and external premises before leaving the building. We need officers on duty Monday through Thursday evenings. Generally, each Duty Officer is scheduled to be on duty once every 4-6 weeks.

Duty Officers are not expected to personally oversee the Covid protocols. The church office makes sure that every group using our premises understands their responsibilities with respect to Covid. Each activity group signs an agreement with the church outlining many of their general responsibilities as well as providing a specific Covid plan detailing how they will meet current Public Health guidelines.

If you are interested in learning more about Duty Officers, please contact Ron MacPherson or leave a message with the church office.