Opportunity for Community Involvement
Cluster Initiatives Zoom Workshop on February 19

Volunteers are needed to be RPUC reps to participate in a Cluster Initiatives Working Group spearheaded by Phyllis MacRae of Emmanuel United. The group includes representatives from Riverside, Southminster and Glebe St. James United Churches as well as Rideau Park and Emmanuel. Our objectives include exploring areas of collaboration and cooperation between our United Churches in Ottawa South. Suggested areas of collaboration include social action, worship and music, and the youth ministry. We are open to additional suggestions.

In order to facilitate this process, the Cluster Initiative Working Group is sponsoring a three-hour Zoom Workshop on Saturday, February 19 starting at 9:30am. The workshop will be facilitated by Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw. Each church is invited to send five delegates who are interested in this visioning/planning exercise, with the objective of leveraging our expertise and resources and hopefully expanding our collective impact. We hope to use this workshop to create a short list of focused possibilities for collaboration.

Please contact Lynn Sherwood to further discuss this interesting opportunity for enhanced communication and cooperation between our congregations.