The United Church of Canada Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) network launched a federal petition for GLI in May 2022.

  • In November 2020, the Prince Edward Island Legislature Special Committee on Poverty tabled a report calling for the creation of a guaranteed livable income (GLI) program for Prince Edward Island (PEI).
  • This report has the support of all political parties in PEI to establish a demonstration of a GLI project in that province.
  • PEI is developing their request to the federal government for what they will require for establishing the province-wide GLI.

Two GLI Bills (C-223 and S-233) are currently under debate in Parliament and both aim to develop policies establishing the procedure for the implementation of a GLI nation-wide. Thus it is very timely to send the PEI petition to the House to establish a GLI for that province which could set the pattern for a federal program.

This petition is provided in two formats, electronic and paper. The closing date for the electronic version is July 2, 2022 and 500 signatures are needed. The paper petition can be printed and used to get signatures from friends, family and colleagues. When your petition reaches 25 signatures, you may request your local MP to present it in the House of Commons. There is no time deadline on the printed petition.

The electronic Parliamentary petition is available at Petition e-3987 – Petitions.
Click here for the paper version of the petition.