Council Executive met on March 25, 2022, heard the results of the recent congregational survey, and has adapted our practices. In addition, an email meeting on April 22 voted to discontinue registration for funerals.

In the sanctuary for worship:

  • We require masks to be worn in the sanctuary for worship.
  • We will include singing in worship (as of April 10).
  • We encourage full vaccination for everyone attending events at RPUC.
  • We encourage physical distancing.
  • Pre-registration for in-person Sunday worship has been discontinued (as of April 1).
  • Registration for funerals has been discontinued (as of April 22)

Other groups using Rideau Park facilities (including Rideau Park programs):

  • We recommend the use of masks by all participants, and full vaccination.
  • Only singing groups will be required to wear masks.

Council Executive is responding as quickly as possible to the current situation and regulations. However, we may adapt this policy according to sudden changes in COVID-19 statistics.