Rideau Park is now live!

//Rideau Park is now live!

I’m delighted to announce that Rideau Park has a new website, going “live” on Monday, August 20, 2018. It is a contemporary-looking, user-friendly site that incorporates Rideau Park’s impressive history, its vibrant present, and, I hope, gives a sense of what our future as a community of faith can become. As I worked on this project, along with many other people, I gained a keen appreciation for Rideau Park’s beginnings and the time and commitment that were required to build and establish it solidly. I see that it was a labour of love.

For several months, many members of staff and our congregation have contributed their technical expertise, analytical skill, practicality, humour and imagination to this project. I wish to thank, in particular, Kristie Marr, Lynda Becker, Greig Scott, Pat Whitridge and Elizabeth Bryce for their painstaking review of the existing website and their suggestions for a ‘new and improved’ version. The project would not have gotten off the ground without the assistance of Ron MacPherson, Ken Tong, Wayne Bond, Debby Gerro, Debi Brown and Steve Clifton. I also wish to thank Marjorie Melick and Don Ford for their wisdom and technical knowledge.

The new site can be found at the same address on the Internet – www.rideaupark.ca – and I hope you enjoy getting to know it. I am particularly pleased with our increased use of photos and our unlimited Calendar of Events. If you have an event taking place next year -or the year after! – please send details to Debby Gerro so it can be added and anticipated. If you find any errors, please notify us, and we will be sure to make corrections. If you have questions about any of the new features, I would be delighted to answer them. This is a lively and ‘living’ website. It will always have something new to share and to pique your interest, while offering the practical information and, of course, access to our live streaming service, that we have long appreciated.

Lastly, my thanks to Adam McLean of APM Solutions. He is a fine designer and an infinitely patient person.

Nancy McPherson, Chair – Administrative-Communications Committee