Looking for Volunteer(s)

The Kindergarten Sunday School team is looking for volunteer(s) to join the existing teaching team for this coming year. Sunday school will start September 20th and will be run virtually via Zoom. The Kindergarten team will be offering live, in-camera sessions of about 10-15 minutes each week featuring stories, songs and other activities (for ages 3,4 & 5). If you would be willing to volunteer to teach every 3rd or 4th week in our Kindergarten rotation, we would LOVE to have you! We can train you on how to use Zoom and we have a curriculum resource plus returning teachers to help get you going. If you have questions or are interested in working with a GREAT group of kids and volunteers, please get in touch with Andrea Laliberté, CD committee co-chair, at marcandrea@rogers.com or 613-762-1777.