Congregational Christmas Carol Sing-Along Recording

This year, for the first time ever, our Christmas service(s) may be 99% virtual! We may not be able to gather as a congregation, a community, or potentially even as friends or with family. This breaks my heart, and those of many others, I’m sure. Both at home and at church, music has been part of the Christmas holiday season for centuries. This year, we can still make music happen! I cannot imagine a Christmas season without singing, so let’s make some noise!!! From within the safety of your bubble, if you have the ability to make a recording (audio or video: cell phone, tablet, laptop, cassette tape, voice recorder, etc.) then PLEASE gather your kids, get your partner, or sing your heart out all on your own! This year, we need to sing – “sing loud, sing proud, sing strong, sing wrong”, but please, just sing! If you have a voice, use it! It might feel strange at first, even overwhelming, but God gave us each a voice, and in the end, once the audio and images have been put “in sync” (THAT’S MY JOB), it will be AWESOME! One big, happy Christmas Eve Congregational Carol. I suggest a rousing rendition of Joy to the World.


Who: Volunteer members of the congregation.
What: Three (3) verses of Joy to the World, specifically 1, 2 and 4, sung to a recorded accompaniment.
Where: At home, using whatever recording equipment you have (no 8 tracks, please). Recordings are to be sent electronically, using Dropbox, WeTransfer…
When: Recordings are to be submitted by Tuesday, December 1, 2020.
Why: Though we may be apart, our voices and words of praise and adoration can still be heard together!
How: Email Iain Macpherson ( to receive the lyrics, music and accompaniment track; listen to the accompaniment track; learn the 3 verses, practise singing along with it, record your part(s), and submit your recording to Iain Macpherson by December 1, 2020.

While the December 1 deadline should provide me with just enough time for compiling, editing, splicing and arranging (requires approximately 3 weeks), feel free to submit your recording of Joy to the World earlier. The more time I have for editing, the better the result!

Iain Macpherson