Governance Structure (Updated February 2020)

At our 2019 Congregational Meeting, Rideau Park approved a new governance structure. The new structure will be implemented after the 2020 Congregational Meeting on February 9, 2020. The new governance model is intended to:

  • Improve communication between committees and congregation;
  • Improve diversity in representation on church committees; and
  • Create greater support for volunteer positions.

The goals for this new structure include:

  • Council being more strategic in its work;
  • Reduction of duplication between Council and Session;
  • Nimble decision-making;
  • Strengthening Council’s management oversight; and
  • Focused and flexible support for activities related to spirituality and faith development.

While the Terms of Reference for all committees have been updated, the significant changes reside with Council and Session.

  • The positions that make up membership at Council have been changed in the hope of creating a group that is more representative of the diversity of the congregation.
  • Session’s work has been transferred to the working committees of Council, and a new Congregational Life Committee has been created to take on the work that elders have traditionally done in keeping in contact with the people of Rideau Park.

To view the revised Terms of Reference for all committees, click here.
To view the updated Organizational Chart, click here.