NOTE: As part of the transition back to in-person activities, the distance healing circle will come to an end with the last one on May 29, 2022. The YouTube Healing Circle videos will continue to be be available and can be played at any time to promote a calming, meditative state open to receive God’s healing grace.

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The Rideau Park Healing Pathway Ministry is offering a Healing Circle each Sunday morning after the live-streamed worship service, starting at 11:15 am and running for about ten minutes.

Coming into the circle, we move outside our normal sense of space and time, into a sacred space. This sacred space helps us to connect to God’s healing love in the world, to the power of community and healing intentions around us. Bringing this sacred energy into our lives is the practice of The Healing Circle.

Because we are not yet back to worshiping in the sanctuary, our Healing Pathway practitioners will be conducting the Healing Circle using a technique called “distance healing”. Distance healing is a form of prayer which recognizes that we are all One in the Spirit, the Source of All Life, and do not actually need to be in the same room. We can be physically distant from each other, and still share the gift of healing. Both the receiver and practitioner, wherever they may be physically, set their intention to be open to the Sacred Spirit and to allow the healing energy of the Spirit to flow in and through them – while imagining they are all in a circle in the church sanctuary.

You are invited, in the comfort of your own home, to use either of the following YouTube video links to guide you through this healing time.
Distance Healing Circle (Classical music) – YouTube video
Distance Healing Circle (New Age music) – YouTube video

Before 11:15 am:

~ Find a quiet place, where you are not likely to be interrupted. If you wish, you may light a candle for the duration.
~ Name, for yourself, your need or intention for this time.

At 11:15 am:

~ Start the video, which includes an introduction and 10 minutes of contemplative images and music.
~ The video ends with a closing prayer; if you wish, you may stay in the circle after the prayer or you may return to your daily activities.

If you wish to:

~ provide feedback about your experience;
~ request an individual Healing Pathway session;
~ learn more about Healing Pathway…
please email us at:

Blessings from the Rideau Park Healing Pathway team.