At Rideau Park’s annual Christmas Bazaar in November 2018, Christy Harris, a very innovative and socially responsible member of our congregation, sold 80 mesh produce bags she made herself. These are easily washed and reusable bags to use at the grocery store in the produce aisle.

No more single-use plastic bags! Stop wasting! Start saving!

Help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfill and oceans.


Reusable mesh bags are easy care! Wash gentle cycle, or hand wash and air dry. Keep them handy in your large, reusable grocery bags.

To spread the word, and take up the challenge, please visit YouTube and watch any of their simple ‘how to’ videos on how to make your own produce bags (check out Fairyland Cottage or Crafti Patti) or places to buy ready-made bags (NuGrocery on Wellington at McCormick or Terra20, also on Wellington or at the strip mall beside IKEA on Pinecrest).

Post your stories and experiences on Facebook on your own page and the Rideau Park United Church group page. (Join us if you haven’t already) Watch this page for updates!

What kind of positive environmental impact can we make together?