Rideau Park offers a wide variety of children’s activities. Each one of the activities below also has a volunteer opportunity. For more information please feel free to call the church office or the contact listed with the activity.

Children Programs

Sunday School and Worship Related-Programs

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Rideau Park’s Sunday School is big, bustling, and busy. Our Sunday School includes infants, toddlers, high school students and all ages in-between. Sunday School meets during the 10:00 am service. Childcare rooms are staffed and running at 9:50 am. Children begin their Sunday morning in worship and head out to class after the theme conversation. Students can register at any time of year, in their class, at the Sunday School counter in the upper hallway, at the Open House on the second Sunday in September (known as ‘Welcome Back Sunday’), or online. The staff person responsible for Sunday School is Rev. Steve Clifton. You can reach Steve at 613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca.

OUR CURRICULUM: Our Sunday School uses the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, which is a lectionary based curriculum. This means that our Sunday School will follow the same calendar as our worship in church. For more information about our curriculum, please visit the website: www.seasonsonline.ca.

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PAGEANT: The second Sunday in December, the children, youth and young adults of Rideau Park come together to present a dramatization of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. From toddlers to teens and in-between, everyone is encouraged to participate. There are roles for those who want lots of lines, those who don’t want to talk at all and for those who want to work behind the scenes. This annual production involves around 60 children/young people. Sign-up for the annual pageant begins in October. For more information, please contact the director, Andrea Laliberté at marcandrea@rogers.com.

SUNDAY SCHOOL QUESTIONS:  The grades 4-6 Sunday School class has compiled a list of their most pressing questions. Everyone is welcome to read the list and see what our congregations’ young minds want to know. Anyone who would like to answer any of the questions is greatly encouraged to do so, the answers will be shared with the class. Please see the attached document for more details.

PARTICIPATION IN WORSHIP: In addition to being in class, our children and youth are involved in worship in many ways throughout the year. There are inter-generational services on Thanksgiving, Advent, Palm Sunday and Christian Family Sunday (Mother’s Day). There is an annual youth service in the fall. Our children and youth present a Christmas Pageant in December. They participate throughout the year in children’s music programs, and serve as candlelighters and readers.

OTHER PROGRAMS: Beyond Sunday School, Rideau Park has a summer Vacation Bible School, known as Camp Awesome (generally held in August), annual Youth Confirmation classes and Sunday night Youth Bible Study programs. All are welcome. For more information, speak to Rev. Steve Clifton (613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca).

Music Programs

Music Programs

We offer choral and instrumental Music Programs for children from the age of 3 to Grade 6.  Read more about our Music Programs for Children.