Things you might like to know…

  • Sunday worship services run from 10am to 11am, followed by Coffee Hour.
  • Meditation Room opens at 9:10am prior to Sunday services.
  • Help yourself to a “Welcome to Rideau Park United Church” card in the back of the pews.
  • For families with young children and infants, you may sit in the Chapel, if you wish. Colouring books are available, or the children can join a Sunday School class.
  • A detailed “Activity Booklet” is published every September.
  • A Prayer Request sheet is available at the front and back of the Sanctuary, if you wish to have the congregation keep a loved one in their prayers.
  • The Offering Plate may look bare going by, because most of our donations come via Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR). Feel free to donate any amount. If you’d like a tax receipt at year-end, use an envelope from the back of the pew and write your name and address on it.