The leadership, decision-making and work of the congregation begins with two congregational meetings annually. The fall congregational meeting is held if needed, either for learning or consultation with the congregation. The February congregational meeting is held every year, receives annual reports for the past year and sets the goals and budgets for the year ahead.

Council carries out the business of the congregation between congregational meetings. It offers leadership in long-range planning, and oversight of the work of the congregation and staff.

Trustees hold and administer the property of Rideau Park United Church, on behalf of the United Church of Canada and in accordance with the provisions of the United Church Manual. At Rideau Park they also manage the investments of the congregation.

Council’s Standing Committees are:

  • Session offers leadership in the congregation’s spiritual interests. Four committees of Session carry out the work of these ministries:
    • Worship and Music;
    • Pastoral Care;
    • Social Action and Outreach; and
    • Christian Development.
  • Stewards are responsible for the management of temporal and financial matters in the congregation.
  • Ministry and Personnel is the liaison between the congregation and the staff at Rideau Park United.
  • Nominations is responsible for recruiting, thanking and replacing volunteers who serve on our Council and its standing committees.
  • Administrative-Communications oversees the office administration and all communication vehicles of the congregation, including the church website.
  • Congregational Development strategizes ways for the congregation to grow, deepen and express their faith in the wider community.
  • Stewardship encourages the congregation to participate in the mission and ministry of Rideau Park United Church through gifts of time and talents, spiritual and financial resources.
  • United Church Women (UCW) unites and organizes women of the congregation for the total mission of the Church.