Celebration of Life (Funerals and Memorial Services)

People often turn to the church in a time of loss, both members and non-members, and Rideau Park reaches out to family and friends during difficult times. One of our three ministers would be available to prepare a meaningful service of remembrance either at a local funeral home, cemetery or here at the church. At the church we can also provide the services of our organist or soloist, and a space for reception following the service. Please be in touch with one of our ministers, or the main office, for more information.

Weddings at Rideau Park United Church

At Rideau Park, we are committed to help you celebrate your special day within a faith community that is supportive and inclusive. We celebrate marriages for couples of diverse faith backgrounds, including couples of all gender combinations. You do not have to be a member of the congregation, but many people do come back to the church after celebrating a wedding with us.

Weddings are held in either the Church Sanctuary (400 capacity) or the Chapel (35 capacity), and our ministers are available to officiate off-site. The sanctuary and chapel are both wheelchair accessible.

All enquiries about church weddings should be made at the church office, to ensure that there are no double-bookings.

Baptisms at Rideau Park United Church

Baptism is the celebration of new life, a rite of initiation where those baptized are received into the Christian community. Baptism is an occasion for joy for the families involved and for the whole community. The sacrament of baptism is celebrated during the 10am Sunday morning service on the third Sunday of each month. Many people bring their infants for baptism, but it is possible to be baptized at any age or stage of life. If you would like to arrange a baptism or would like more information, please contact Rev. Steve Clifton (613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca).


CONFIRMATION CLASSES: Teens wishing to talk about faith issues and church membership are invited to attend confirmation classes. These groups have often been the source of long friendships among the youth, and we would ask you to encourage your child’s attendance.  Contact Rev. Steve Clifton (613-733-3156 ext. 225 or sclifton@rideaupark.ca) for more information.