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Rev. Georgina Fitzgerald and UCW President Heather Ingrams pour tea at Rideau Park’s annual Valentine’s Day Party, February 2016.
The United Church Observer, writing about Mission & Service work in the entire United Church of Canada, congratulated Rideau Park’s UCW on its outstanding record of givings to Mission & Service, the most generous in the country for the last several years.


To unite all women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which they may express their loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship, and service.

Contact for Rideau Park United Church Women: Nancy Begg-Durkee at ucw@rideaupark.ca.


Rideau Park United Church Women is one of two other groups in Area 7 which, with six other areas, comprise the Ottawa Presbyterial UCW (74 groups). Four UCW Presbyterials form the Montreal/Ottawa Conference UCW, along with twelve other conferences, represented on the coast-to-coast UCW Organization, “National Consultation”.

UCW Benedicton

The grace of Christ attend us,
The love of God surround us,
The Holy Spirit keep us,
Now and forever more.


  • As women of faith, we believe in nurturing Christian spirituality by reaching out through commitment and devotion to all God’s people in the promotion of truth, justice, peace, caring, and respect for all throughout the earth – God’s world;
  • We believe in honouring God the Creator, and loving others through generous giving and joyful living;
  • And we believe in affirming and strengthening ourselves both individually and together through creative study, prayer, and action.

Mission Statement

Love God, and foster Christian commitment, faithfulness and spirituality. Promote respect and love for all God’s creation.

Mission, Service and Outreach

Following the example of Rideau Park United Church, the United Church Women (UCW) is a strong supporter of the Mission & Service Fund.

The UCW appreciates receiving used stamps, used eye glasses, Campbell’s Soup labels and pop can tabs. These items are recycled to various charity organizations.

Special Interest Groups

Knitting for our outreach work is gratefully received and we thank the church members and friends who share this project with us. Cost of wool for knitting will be reimbursed upon request.

Contact person is Lynda Coombe at ucw@rideaupark.ca.


Mondays, 12:30pm to 3:30pm, ladies meet in the Parlour to enjoy knitting articles for the bazaar. For more information, contact Doreen Hamilton.


Thursdays, 9:30am to 12:00pm, ladies meet in the Parlour to enjoy fellowship and make beautiful quilts. New participants are always welcome. For information contact Doreen Hamilton at ucw@rideaupark.ca.

Cross Stitching

Mondays, 9:30am to 12:00pm, ladies meet in the Parlour to enjoy fellowship and make cross stitch ornaments for the bazaar. For more information, contact Lois Jensen at ucw@rideaupark.ca.

The Circle

The Circle is a UCW group made up of women who are interested in journeying together as they explore their Christian faith. The group typically meets in the church Parlour from 9:30 a.m until 11:00 a.m on the third Monday of the month. Each year a book with a faith development theme is selected by the group, to help focus the discussion. The contacts for this spirituality group are Janette Hamilton-Silcoff at and Doreen Hamilton. For more information, call the office at 613-733-3156 ext. 229.

Our Gifts of Love and Service

We offer gifts of love and service both at Rideau Park and in our community:

  • Serving and providing leadership as Elders, Stewards and committee members.
  • Teaching Sunday school.
  • Assisting at Vacation Bible School.
  • Singing in the choir and providing leadership in many music programs.
  • Connecting with new church families.
  • Providing flowers for our Sanctuary and delivering the flowers after the service to sick and shut-in members.
  • Fundraising with the Nearly New Sales, Book Sales, Valentine Party, Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sales, etc.
  • Providing financial support for many community charities.
  • Delivering Meals on Wheels.
  • Volunteering at hospital auxiliaries, local hospices, schools, community newspaper, and more.
  • Working with refugees.
  • Canvassing for various annual appeals.
  • Catering for community group dinners.

We invite all women of our congregation to attend our meetings.

Guests are always welcome. This year our General Meetings will be held on the first Monday of June and December. We also invite you to seek a home in one of our Units. For further information, contact Nancy Begg-Durkee at ucw@rideaupark.ca or see our UCW Brochure.


CircleDoreen Hamilton3rd Monday @ 9:30amChurch


2.Mabel Bannerman2nd Thursday @ 1:00pmChurch
7.Sandra Weedmark2nd Tuesday @ 1:30pmChurch
10.Louise Mundle2nd Monday @ 1:30pmChurch


3.Nancy McPherson2nd Tuesday @ 7:30pmHomes
EBuddies (Online) Gaveen Cadotte


A group for those who wish to be called on to help according to their talents as and when they are able.  This group of individuals are a valuable resource for various short term projects. Contact Gaveen Cadotte, ucw@rideaupark.ca.

Rideau Park UCW Executive 2018

Honorary Presidents: Rev. Elizabeth Bryce, Rev. Georgina Fitzgerald and Keva McKennirey

Past President/NominationsHeather Ingrams
President/Council Rep.Nancy Begg-Durkee
Vice-PresidentNancy McPherson
Recording SecretaryJudy Paré
Assistant Recording SecretaryJessie Weldon
CorrespondenceGrace Shaver
Treasurer/Membership/FlowersMarcia Gosse
Finance/Stewards Rep.Lisa Sadler
MissionsMabel Bannerman
Archives & LiteratureMarlene Hutchison
Bazaar Co-ConvenersHeather Ingrams & Judy Paré
Supply & WelfareLynda Coombe
QuiltingDoreen Hamilton
Community Friendship/VisitingKarin Ott
Council of Women Rep.Marg Nelson
UCW Presbyterial Rep.Vacant
Unit Leaders
Unit 2Mabel Bannerman
Unit 3Nancy McPherson
Unit 7Sandra Weedmark
Unit 10Louise Mundle
CircleDoreen Hamilton