RPUC Council News – January 2023

Council Report:

RPUC Council met on January 25 over Zoom.

  • Ken Tong will write to the Alta Vista Councillor and Chair of the city Transportation Committee to express our concern about the rebuilding of the bus shelter at Alta Vista and Cunningham, considering the many community groups using the church and people coming to the church by bus.
  • Committee reports included the need for webcast support, news that the EV charging station will soon be installed and gratitude expressed to the UCW for doing so much to support the congregation.
  • The treasurer presented the proposed budget for 2023.It will be a deficit budget, with rising costs, we are looking for ways to increase giving and support for the church. Council approved a motion for Baker Tilley to conduct the financial reviews for 2021 and 2022.
  • Ministry and Personnel recommended extending Georgina’s appointment to December 31 2023 and this was approved by Council. Debi Brown has given us notice that she intends to retire on June 30 2023.
  • An application has been made for the federal summer student employment grant.
  • The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in-person on Sunday, February 26, following the 10:00 am service. Efforts will be made to make it available over the internet, if possible. The meeting will end with a potluck lunch.
  • Several ideas were proposed for a grant from the Community Services Recovery Fund, geared to faith and community groups seeking to build capacity following the pandemic. Council will choose one area of focus over email and prepare a grant.