RPUC Council News – June 2023

Rideau Park Council met on Wednesday June 14.

  • We began with a vision exercise to help us articulate our values about being a church: open and accepting; caring for one another; continuity; respecting elders and youth; self-aware and discerning change; having a two-way relationship in the community around us; evolving along with our virtual congregation.
  • Remit 1 was received as correspondence from the national office. The goal of this remit is to identify and remove all structural barriers to developing and sustaining an autonomous Indigenous Church within The United Church of Canada.
  • The Ministry and Personnel update included the hiring of Clara Kennedy-Shirley as our new administrator; and confirming the reappointment of Georgina Fitzgerald to December 2023, after an email vote passed in May.
  • The Financial Statement shows that we are in a deficit position, which is not unexpected at this time of year, but aggravated by extra expenditures for snow clearing and heating. A reminder to the congregation that while attendance declines in the summer, our expenses continue. If you would like to explore ways to provide support on a regular basis, please be in touch with the office.
  • Foundation Fund applications for 2023 were approved: $3000.00 to worship and music’s long range planning process for music at Rideau Park; $20,000.00 to the exterior sign project by the UCW Executive and Congregational Development.