OASIS (Alcoholics Anonymous): The OASIS AA group has returned to in-person meetings (as well as online) at Rideau Park on Mondays from 8-9 pm. You can go to Ottawaaa.org meetings to find not only the Oasis Zoom coordinates, but many other meetings throughout Ottawa and the area, as far as Arnprior and Renfrew. Since the meeting is a speaker meeting, anyone can attend, not just those trying to stop drinking.

More information including the Ottawa AA newsletter Primary Purpose can be found at Ottawaaa.org. As well, the New York AA website is aa.org as is the International Journal of AA called the Grapevine at aagrapevine.org. There is lots of literature at aa.org including the main book Alcoholics Anonymous 4th edition, both in print and in audio so you can listen to the whole book, main text, as well as personal stories. The Grapevine site has short podcasts you can listen to, as well as written stories.